Artist talk + Encounters 23 – 28 april 2019

Tehching Hsieh has influenced many performance artists with his work. Few people have seen his actions live, but his influence on the history of time-based art is undeniably great. During his career of more than 30 years he has developed five 'One Year Performance pieces' and 'The Thirteen Year Plan'. For him, life is art and this philosophy is clearly expressed in all his works. ‘To me doing life and doing art is all the same-doing time'.

Hsieh's work is radical and straight forward. He rarely gives interviews and prefer his work to speak for itself. As part of his first exhibition in The Netherlands 'Time - Life', Hsieh will be coming to The Hague in the week of April 22.

Artist Talk
On Wednesday 24 April at 8 pm, Hsieh will give an artist talk in the vml. American embassy, the home base of West The Hague. More information and tickets:

From Tuesday 23 to Friday April 26, Tehching Hsieh will be in the Netherlands. West has arranged to offer visitors to the exhibition and (young) artists the opportunity to have a personal conversation with this special Taiwanese-American artist. Please send us a short email (max 400 words) with your name, background and motivation to talk to Hsieh and please send a time indication of when you would be available.

There are only ten appointments with Tehching Hsieh available. No costs or fees are involved. Only the selected applicants will be notified by email.

Interested, mail us before April 19: with ‘Encounter Tehching Hsieh’ in the subject line.